Career Opportunities

Open Positions:

The company:
Vathes LLC (doing business as DataJoint Neuro) is a data solutions company supporting groundbreaking research in neuroscience and machine learning. Our mission is to enable research teams to solve the most complex problems in the field by bringing scientific rigor and clarity to big data and computations. We collaborate with top neuroscience and machine learning labs all over the world. We are a team of passionate, self-driven neuroscientists, data scientists, and software engineers, striving to provide best-in-class solutions for data-intensive scientific workflows. Our work culture is fast-paced, highly collaborative and encourages open communication, innovation, and creative solutions.

Software Engineer

The position:
We are seeking a full-time experienced software engineer to support the development of scalable computational infrastructure. The company is located in the Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX, but remote work arrangement is also applicable.

The Software Engineer will work within a team to design and develop the full-stack framework for a data hosting and processing web service for neuroscience and machine learning research labs. The framework will operate on a cloud hosting services (AWS) and will provide for user account management, spawning relational database and computational services in containerized fashion. The front-end is designed and developed utilizing the latest SPA framework to support intuitive interaction. The back-end infrastructure will support and provide APIs for the front-end UIs, client-facing software, and external database and computing resources. Within this project, primary responsibilities will entail system design, coding, and testing for the system, with a focus on interfaces between the UI, Middle Tier, and Backend services.The position will also entail development of open-source library DataJoint to power computational pipelines in science labs, working in a team of neuro- and data scientists to develop frameworks and pipelines for analysis and visualization of scientific data.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical/Dental Plan
  • Flexible Remote Work Options


  • Strong background in software development (2+ years of demonstrated relevant professional experience)
  • B.S.+ in Computer Science or a related field
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and Python
  • Proficiency in a system programming language (e.g. C/C++, Rust, Go)
  • Working knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with GNU/Linux operating systems
  • Experience with full-stack web development
  • Experience in Node.js or equivalent back-end server framework
  • Experience with SPA frameworks (e.g. React or Angular)
  • Experience in test-driven development
  • Experience developing in teams


  • Experience in open source software development
  • Experience with collaborative development process (e.g. GitHub, pull-request based development flow)
  • Experience in scientific programming (e.g. NumPy/SciPy, MATLAB) and visualizations (e.g. Matplotlib, Plotly)
  • Experience in networking and database management
  • Experience in cloud computing (e.g. AWS)
  • Experience in Docker/Kubernetes